Cloudy Sunday

Submitted by Matthew on 7 October, 2013 - 5:59

Cloudy Sunday is the first novella by Mike Kyriazopoulos.

Mike will be well-known to many members and sympathisers of the Alliance for Workers' Liberty, in which he was active until 2007 when he moved to New Zealand and joined the Workers' Party/Fightback, as well as to reps in the Communication Workers' and Public and Commercial Services Unions in which he was also active as a postal worker and civil servant. He began writing Cloudy Sunday earlier this year after being diagnosed with motor neurone disease.

For a short book of seventy pages, Cloudy Sunday packs a lot of historical and other detail in as it traces the main character Tuatahi from New Zealand via South Africa and England to Greece (a journey reflecting Mike's own time in those countries) as part of the Maori Battalion sent to Greece to fight the invading German army at the start of the Second World War. As well as discussions of Maori religion, New Zealand labour politics and the history of the Trotskyist movement, we also get insights into the Russian invasion of Finland, Rebetiko (Greek blues) and attempts by the Greek Resistance to win over rank-and-file German soldiers, alongside the human story of a young man leaving home to travel the world, falling in love and experiencing battle for the first time.

You can buy Cloudy Sunday as an eBook on Amazon and read more about it on Facebook.

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