Another Europe is possible

Submitted by Matthew on 11 November, 2015 - 11:18

In the summer, Workers’ Liberty was involved in launching the Workers’ Europe initiative, to oppose British withdrawal from the European Union on the basis of campaigning for international working-class solidarity, democracy and migrants’ rights.

Workers’ Europe has launched a social media presence, got significant support and interest, and already sent speakers to a number of union branches, Labour Parties and so on. Meanwhile, others on the left have set up a similar initiative, Another Europe is Possible.

AEIP is somewhat “softer” politically and seems less clearly labour movement-focused. Nevertheless, a united left, anti-austerity campaign against “Brexit” can only be a good thing. We have therefore decided to support AEIP, though Workers’ Europe will maintain its own distinctive e-presence, propaganda, etc. The key thing is get the debate out there — in trade unions, in the Labour Party and in the student movement in particular — to provide a clear alternative to the all varieties of nationalist perspective, whether Out or In, right or “left”. Why not begin by moving a motion in your union branch or other organisation, inviting a speaker or organising a debate?

• Model motion

• Another Europe is Possible

• Workers’ Europe

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