Defend Bahar Mustafa!

Submitted by cathy n on 8 October, 2015 - 12:23 Author: Cathy Nugent

The bringing of criminal charges against the left-wing, feminist activist Bahar Mustafa, apparently for tweeting using the ironic hash tag “kill all white men”, is both ridiculous and outrageous.

Bahar was the subject of a huge media storm some months ago over this issue and the “offence” of helping to organise a one-off BME women-only meeting at Goldsmiths University, where she is a student union officer. Scores of right-wingers, men's rights activists, and others who were misinformed and/or over-opinionated got on her case, on social media and elsewhere. Bahar was the focus of a nasty, harassing, political campaign.

This is the latest stage in that toxic campaign — the bizarre use of hate-speech laws to prosecute an anti-racist. That it comes a day after Teresa May uses divisive and scaremongering language against migrants shows up the malicious character of the prosecution. But that this move comes from the police and the establishment makes it very alarming for everyone who wants to defend freedom of speech, fight racism and all other oppression.

Defend Bahar Mustafa!


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