Democracy in the Socialist Alliance

Submitted by Anon on 9 January, 2004 - 4:43

A different vision of the kind of united left political alternative needed by the working class has been put together by the Democracy Platform of the Socialist Alliance.

"We believe the struggle for democracy is an integral part of the struggle for socialism. The defence and extension of democracy in the Socialist Alliance, in the working class movement, in Britain and the rest of the world, is of fundamental importance in advancing the interests of the working class. To advance these objectives, we need the democratic organisation of socialists and militant workers into a party, as exemplified by the Scottish Socialist Party and Rifondazione Comunista in Italy."

"We are against any attempt to dissolve or liquidate the Alliance into a new liberal or non-socialist electoral coalition. Our attitude to any proposed coalition begins from the SA programme. If the SA leadership fails to fight for our full programme, and hence compromises the independence of the SA, we will oppose them."

"The Democratic Platform notes that the proposal for a Unity Coalition constitutes a fundamental breach of the resolution passed at the AGM of the Socialist Alliance in May 2003 which called for alliances with other groups and parties to be formed specifically on a 'socialist' basis."

"We propose changes to the SA constitution :

  1. Establish an editorial board to produce a regular national weekly SA newspaper
  2. Adopt the aim of a workers party as one of the prime objectives of the SA
  3. Adopt a structure that encourages affiliation and representation of affiliated organisations
  4. Adopt a system of proportional representation for the elections to all committees and representative bodies
  5. Members have a right to expect that decisions and recommendations of the Appeals Committee are made within an agreed time limit."

    A much longer text can be found here.

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