Demonstrate against Bush!

Submitted by martin on 22 October, 2003 - 11:03

George W Bush, who will make a state visit to Britain from 19 to 21 November, does not represent the people of the USA. He represents the super-rich who have gained from his huge rounds of tax cuts.

This year he has cut $99 billion from the USA's taxes. About half of all households in the USA will get no gain at all from these tax cuts, or one of less than $100 a year. Almost all the gain goes to the well-off. Seventeen per cent of the total tax cut goes to just 0.13% of the population.
This year's measures centre on cutting the tax rate on dividend income for people who own shares in corporations. Bush's previous round of tax cuts centred on cutting the top income-tax rate and getting rid of the tax on inherited wealth. Forty-two per cent of the gain from it will go to the highest-income one per cent of US households, most of the rest to the well-off, very little to the majority.
The immediate result of these measures is a huge budget deficit. The next result will be a huge attack on what's left of the USA's minimal welfare system, already shredded by the Clinton administration.
Bush runs the USA for the big corporations - for the big corporations in general, and in particular for the crony capitalists with links to the centre of his adminstration. Those cronies, like the giants Halliburton and Bechtel, have been scooping up the billions laid out for the reconstruction of Iraq.
Bush represents big capital based in the USA, which is the biggest, most powerful, node in the all-encroaching network of global capital. The US administration both upholds the particular interests of US-based capital - for example, in sinking the Kyoto Agreement to limit global warming, and in handing out the Iraqi reconstruction contracts to its cronies - and acts as the globocop to enforce, in its own way, the global interests of global capital.
Bush went to war in Iraq to try to transform the whole Gulf region into a zone safe and stable for global capital. He was and is willing to kill as many Iraqis as it takes. If it can be done with some sort of semi-democracy in Iraq, that's easier; if it requires finding another dictator to keep Iraq in line - as until 1990 the US government hoped Saddam Hussein would keep Iraq in line - Bush will do it.
Bush is a warmonger, making war not only across the world but also against the working class and the poor in the USA.
Demonstrate against Bush and in solidarity with the other America - the America of the workers, the unions, and the anti-war campaigners.

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