Fremantle threaten free speech

Submitted by Anon on 12 October, 2007 - 10:33

So, Fremantle, not a big fan of workers then? Well, no indeed, but it would seem that they are not big fans of freedom of speech either.

The labour movement website took up the campaign and within a few days over 8000 messages of solidarity were sent to the Fremantle HQ. Fremantle did what all good “not for profit” employers do and threatened to sue LabourStart; LabourStart saw this as a challenge, and stepped up the campaign.

It was then that Fremantle, clutching at straws, threatened to sue LabourStart’s Internet Service Provider if the campaign was not removed from the site. The ISP issued LS with an ultimatum — remove all mention of Fremantle by noon on Friday 7 September, or the site will be closed. After intense talks with the ISP, all traces of the campaign were reluctantly removed from the site.

LS then found some new web space and published a new site dedicated to the campaign, in nine languages, hosted outside the UK and mockingly named “We Will Not Be Silenced”.

Something tells me that Fremantle might regret making such a fuss when they next check their inbox!

The new site can be found at, with a link to the Barnet Unison blog. We urge you to join the thousands of others in sending messages of solidarity to the Fremantle workers.

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