German engineering workers' strike vote

Submitted by on 25 April, 2002 - 10:34

As of today, engineering and electrical workers organised in the IG
Metall trade union in the German states of Berlin, Brandenburg, and
Baden-Würtemburg are voting on strike action over a 6.5% pay claim.
The vote involves over 200 000 workers in 1007 firms. The bosses'
organisation Gesamtmetall has offered a maximum of 2.64%.

During the pay round, which the IG Metall declared "collapsed" on
April 23, the union had organised a series of short rolling "warning
strikes" and rallies at workplaces across Germany, involving 900 000
workers since Easter.

If 75% of workers vote by Tuesday in favour of a strike, it could begin -
depending on the union leadership - on May 6. Votes for strikes
could follow in other German states.

IG Metall:

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