GNER: TSSA Takes Action?

Submitted by AWL on 20 November, 2006 - 12:48

GNER workers are preparing to defend jobs and conditions as the company hits financial crisis. Bermuda-based parent company Sea-Containers filed for bankruptcy protection in the USA on 16th October. But you can bet the bosses will try to bail themselves out at our expense.

Already, GNER has announced job cuts in Travel Centres, which will slash customer service to the bone. The situation is so bad that the TSSA is taking industrial action.

On a 70+% turnout, 91% voted to strike and 83% for action short of strikes. Despite the larger mandate for strikes, TSSA leaders plumped for ‘action short’. They need to wake up and realise that unless GNER caves in, they will need to step up to strikes - and with 10:1 support, why shy off?

RMT represents the majority of GNER workers, ASLEF the majority of drivers. Both must be ready to take action to defend jobs and conditions. If the unions act together and decisively, we can fight off any attack.

The government needs to keep the trains running. If it were any kind of 'Labour' government, it would sack SeaContainers rather than let SeaContainers make GNER sack workers. It has the power to cancel a failing franchise and run the service in the public sector, and that's what it should do.

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