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Submitted by Anon on 11 March, 2006 - 11:46

Meanwhile, George Galloway is seeking new pastures for his ambitious career plans. According to the 26 February Sunday Times, “George Galloway has revealed plans to stand for the Scottish parliament… in next year’s Holyrood elections” (February 26).

The article quotes Galloway’s mouthpiece, Ron McKay: “George has not ruled out standing in another Westminster constituency, but he is more likely to stand in the Scottish parliament and/or the European parliament. He gets a lot of requests to stand in Scotland, particularly as the Scottish Socialist Party has weakened.”

SSP members, and those of us broadly supportive of the SSP as an effort for left unity, will not forget Galloway’s comments to the Mail on Sunday in 2004, in which he appealed to Tommy Sheridan to leave the party and denounced its executive as “unknown Trotskyite apparatchiks” who were “not fit to tie his shoelaces.”

The SSP’s shoelaces need a lot of tying these days, but Galloway isn’t fit to do it.

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