The Iraqi people against Islamic terrorism

Submitted by Anon on 6 December, 2004 - 9:31

Day after day the bloody hands of terrorist Islamic gangs are destroying new aspects of the life of Iraqi society.

Everyday they violate the civility of the society and stamp upon its secularity and all the gains of freedom, equality, prosperity and humanism achieved by the masses over decades. Everyday, we hear the news of crimes committed by Islamists which disgust and stun everybody for the amount of violence and wickedness embedded in the methodology used by their perpetrators.

A fascist Islamic group that calls itself “Jammat Shura al-Mujahideen” issued a fatwa (religious decree) calling on Islamists to kill women who appear on streets without the hijab.

In the city of Falluja, at a Mujahideen congress held on 21 October 2004, the notorious Islamic criminal Abdulla al-Janabi and the “Majlis al-Shura” in Falluja issued a fatwa to forcibly marry girls at the age of 10 to mujahideen — the flagrant rape of children — under the excuse that Americans would rape them when they attacked the city.

In Mosul, Christian women are subjects of kidnap, killing and rape. With every week passes by more women, secularists and Christians are killed. Fatwas calling for the killing of innocent people are put publicly on the walls of universities, public buildings, mosques, and the houses of ordinary people.

Tens of university students have been insulted and tortured, and hundreds of them have been forced to quit their studying. Restaurants are closed, hairdressing saloons have to observe certain styles, and sexual segregation is imposed on schools and public institutions. All these things are done under the threat of arms.

No society is free of crime, however it is not usual that indulgence in crime is given a political colour, as is the case with Islamic terrorism. These groups have no message to society apart from the message they are writing with the Islamic sword. Exploiting the vacuum of authority, these groups seek to impose their authority by terrorism and violence. They seek to establish a terrorist Islamic regime and repeat the experiences of Afghanistan and Algeria in a society which looks forward to achieve a future full of freedom and happiness after decades of the fascist Ba’th regime’s oppression.

Groups of political Islam are one of the two poles of the unfolding dark scenario in Iraq whose first chapters were written by the USA’s war on the masses of Iraq. The USA’s war and its occupation of Iraq have unleashed these groups and encouraged their terrorism in society.

Maintaining the current political conditions will set the hands of these groups ever freer and will deepen the swamp which makes a suitable ground for these groups to live and continue their ominous terrorism and crime against the people of Iraq. These groups cannot be uprooted and their wickedness ended without ending the American occupation of Iraq.

The only way to curb this terrorism is by the cooperation of all liberationist and humanist forces and by coming together in a united front independent of both poles of terrorism — America and political Islam — and by depending on the subjective power of the masses to provide a decisive and resolved answer to the Islamic groups and gangs.

The Worker-communist Party of Iraq calls on you to mobilise under the banner of freedom, equality and reorganizing civility in Iraq that it holds.

We must stand against the gangs of political Islam. A mass resistance must be organised against their terrorism. We must escalate the fight against them. We must expose all collaborators and supporters of this terrorism.

The public facades of these groups, including various so-called majalis al-fatwa (board of clergies to issue religious decrees) and mullahs who legitimise killing and bloodshed, and the reactionary regime in the region, in the first place, the Islamic Republic of Iran, share the responsibility for the killings and other barbaric crimes committed by Islamic gangs. We must expose the role of the USA and its collaborators, including Islamic and ethnocentric, forces for their recklessness toward the lives of civilians and for allowing these criminals to ravage the society with their bloody swords.

The people of Iraq who are going through a very harsh and dangerous period need your support! The current conditions can push the society toward some of the darkest periods in human history. The current nightmare which controls the lives of people of Iraq can further dominate and prevail in a society exhausted by decades of Ba’th rule, oppression, wars, sanctions and political Islam.

Your support can prevent this. Lend your support to the people of Iraq to defeat these criminal forces and their recklessness.

The masses and freedom-loving people of Iraq and in the forefront the Worker-communist Party of Iraq, are in a fierce fight often including an armed fight against these Islamic gangs. The Worker-communist Party of Iraq and civilised and freedom-loving people can defeat these forces, and sweep them away.

Support the Worker-communist Party of Iraq and the labour, women and progressive organisations by all possible means; politically, financially and morally. Supporting this front means supporting the masses of Iraq in their struggle against these forces, which are summoned to the stage from the Dark Age.

Supporting the Worker-communist Party of Iraq will enable the masses to get closer to their happiness, freedom and prosperity.

Down with Islamic terrorism!

Long live freedom and equality!

by the Worker Communist Party of iraq

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