Keep up the fight against Trade Union Bill!

Submitted by Matthew on 11 November, 2015 - 1:04

The Trade Union Bill was getting a third reading in the House of Commons as Solidarity went to press on 10 November.

Campaigners with Right to Strike took a 17 metre long banner reading ″Don′t shackle our unions″ to hold in front of Parliament and leafleted the public. The Trade Union Coordinating Group organised a protest in Parliament Square, also supported by Right to Strike.

The TUC has hailed great “concessions” in the new version of the Bill. But only the rules on notifying police and employers in advance of the use of social media in industrial disputes, which were largely unworkable anyway have been dropped. The TUC claimed concessions were made on criminalising of picketing. In fact proposals which target effective picketing are still in place. There is still a requirement for a picket supervisor who is approved by the union and gives their details to the police and employer; breaking picketing laws will still become a criminal offence rather than a civil one.

In addition, the massively expanded role and powers of the Certification Office and Officer are a huge threat to unions′ independence and free organising. Right to Strike will be organising protests outside Parliament as the Bill moves on to the Lords. We encourage activists to organise protests, street stalls, leafletting and other actions across the country.

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