Kick out the Blairites?

Submitted by Matthew on 13 April, 2016 - 9:17 Author: Sacha Ismail

On the 9 April demonstration against library closures in Lambeth on 9 April, the Socialist Party had placards saying “Kick out the Blairites”. This is a classic example of a slogan being a dishonest, pseudo-militant self-advertising.

What does “Kick out the Blairites” mean? It could mean joining or getting more active in Labour to push forward the fight against the Blairites in the party — as many on the demo will have done (Lambeth Momentum and other left Labour activists have been central to the libraries campaign). But the SP opposes people joining Labour, and opposes left unions like the FBU affiliating to Labour, so it can’t be that. Short of a Lambeth insurrection to take over the Town Hall and dissolve the council, the only other possibility I can meaning behind the slogan is, “Use elections to throw out the Blairites from office”. But since the Blairites are the official Labour candidates, and the SP opposes people joining Labour to deselect them, this could only mean voting for another party. Who?

The SP’s Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition front got an average vote of 0.47% in the three Lambeth parliamentary constituencies where it stood last year. The only vaguely conceivable options for kicking out Labour through elections are the Greens, who got the second most votes in the 2014 Lambeth council elections (16% to Labour’s 54%), or the Tories, who got second most seats (3 to Labour’s 59). Does the SP mean one of those? In fact what the slogan means is: “Join the Socialist Party, we’re really left-wing — don’t worry too much about the politics”.


Submitted by Vahvistus on Sat, 16/04/2016 - 18:13

The Socialist Party doesn't discourage people from joining Labour. It wont join itself as a secret entrist group but wants full rights to put views without fear of expulsion. The FBU is wasting money by affiliating to Labour without getting any influence. The left in Labour should organise through Momentum to kick the Blairites out.
Here's a link that confirms what I am saying:…

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