Let them in!

Submitted by Matthew on 13 April, 2016 - 8:59 Author: Angela Driver

On Sunday 10 April 2016, the Macedonian authorities brutally suppressed an attempt by Syrian refugees to cross the border into Greece.

Tear gas, plastic bullets, stun grenades and water cannons were used against the refugees, including children, when they tried to scale the fence to cross the border. Médecins Sans Frontières reported seeing 200 people suffering from breathing problems, and another 100 suffering injuries The tear gas used reached camps near by causing families to flee with children to nearby farms to escape the effects of the chemicals.

This barbaric treatment of people trying to flee to safety is a result of the decision to close the borders on the edge of Europe in an attempt to reduce the numbers of refugees entering. The recent decision to deport refugees from Greece back to Turkey is causing further suffering and uncertainty for the 11,000 people currently camped at the Greek-Macedonian border, and the further 50,000 stranded in Greece.

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