Motion passed at Labour Representation Conference, 20 February 2016

Submitted by AWL on 6 June, 2016 - 4:09

Motion proposed by Workers’ Liberty and passed at the Labour Representation Committee conference, 20 February

We also call on Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell and other left party leaders to be politically bolder, on several levels:
a. Pushing for the party to get actively mobilising and campaigning on big issues in the class struggle such as the NHS, and to pro-actively support workers' and social struggles;
b. Adopting clearer, bolder, popular policies on key issues (e.g. taxing the rich, nationalising the banks, reversing all cuts);
c. Actively educating the labour movement and the wider public about the need for a different society from capitalism, and explaining how more immediate demands fit into this vision.

We will fight to develop Momentum politically along the following lines:
a. Developing “progressive” and “new politics” towards a clearer political program based on class politics, working-class political representation and socialism.
b. A positive intervention in the Labour Party, including:
- Getting more Corbyn supporters, and particularly workers and trade unionists, attending party meetings;
- Taking class struggles into the party, and encouraging outward campaigning on issues;
- Fighting for democracy, including a sovereign conference and an end to exclusions and witch-hunts against left-wingers;
- Using selection processes to choose candidates committed to representatives democratically accountable to the mass membership.

We will campaign around a bold program which puts centre stage expropriating the banks under democratic, workers' and social control, attacking the wealth of the rich, and fighting for a government which serves the working class as the Tories serve the bosses.

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