NUS executive members send solidarity to Florida sit-in

Submitted by on 12 August, 2002 - 1:00

At the start of the summer, on the initiative of No Sweat supporters on the NUS National Executive, NUS President Owain James wrote to student unions urging them to support the anti-sweatshop campaign. Now, five National Executive members have sent the following message of support to the Florida students occupying their campus:

"We the undersigned members of NUS National Executive send our support and greetings to the Florida students occupying in defence of workers' rights. We believe the student movement should join the fight against sweatshops, and for living wages, decent working conditions and the right to organise free trade unions."

So far the statement has been signed by the five Campaign for Free Education members of the NEC - Kat Fletcher, Carli Harper-Penman, Daniel Murphy, Faz Velmi and Kath Owen - but we will be gathering more support, both in NUS and the wider student movement, in the coming weeks.

Student women back anti-war movement and the European Social Forum
In a discussion deciding its priorities for the year ahead, the national committee of NUS Women's Campaign has voted to support the campaign against war on Iraq and help fund the No Sweat / Student Campaign Forum transport to the European Social Forum in November, and take a contingent.

More details shortly; to get involved in the NUS Women's Campaign ring Kat on 07977 980 857.

No Sweat can be contacted on 07904 431 959, or see the website at

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