£10,000 for Solidarity : help us expand and grow

Submitted by on 13 November, 2002 - 2:29

Help your socialist newspaper expand and grow

Solidarity is launching a £10,000 fund appeal to run over the six month period ending on 30 April 2003.

We need this money to increase our regularity, matching the increasing pace of the class struggle.

If the firefighters strike, we intend to make the printed edition of Solidarity weekly from next week. We are making this commitment because we believe it is a necessary in order to play our part in the revival of the British labour movement.

And we cannot possibly go weekly - pay for extra staff, paper, postage, making sure our website is constantly updated and other costs - without asking, you, our readers, to help us.

No matter how the firefighters' dispute ends, a quick glance at the TV news proves that the labour movement is beginning to campaign and fight on wages and conditions. We need extra staff and resources to adequately cover the action.

The left and the trade union movement needs the critical in-depth news coverage a paper like Solidarity provides.

So, if you value our work, why not help us?

Organise a jumble sale or quiz night. Take a collection for the paper at work or in your union. Take out a monthly standing order - small or large. Or send a one-off donation, to PO Box 28124, London SE6 4WS. Make cheques payable to "Action", please.

l Thanks this week to the comrades at Solidarity/Workers' Liberty "Building on the Rank and File Revival" school held on 26 October for the £315.73 raised.

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