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Submitted by cathy n on 30 January, 2007 - 3:37

There are plenty of blogs out there which give a left wing analysis of news and current affairs — or, at least, try to — so Pete’s Radical Poetry Site is a refeshing change. Run by Scottish socialist Pete Burton, the site aims to gather together radical and anti-establishment culture, from poetry to music to prose, in one handy place.

It’s a bit like Radio 4’s “Poetry Hour”, but it’s content is more likely to inspire you to overthow the system, which makes it a bit more interesting than Radio 4. Even though we’re in an age where culture is ten-a-penny, Pete brings together an interesting collection of poetry which you might not find it elsewhere. For example, this is an extract from “This Land's Not Your Land”, a parody of the Woodie Guthrie song written by Elvis McGonagall:

This land’s not your land,
this land is our land
From Columbus, Ohio to the Florida
From the corporate jungle to the redneck ranchland
This land was made by Fox TV
It's bible bashin’ Disneyland
It’s yippee-ai eye for an eye
It’s faith, family and flagGod, guns and apple pie
This land belongs to cowboys
In Stetsons, spurs ‘n’ suits
We’re the Wall Street, Wal-Mart-Waltons
John-Boy, Jim-Bob, Jack-Boots
In the Burger Kingdom of the Stupid
Stupid is as Stupid does
Forrest Gump is President
Yee-haw! He's one of us!

Pete actively welcomes contributions to the blog, and it’s an ever-expanding project. In a world where we have no time to stop and stare, Pete’s blog means we can sit back and remind ourselves that there is more to life — and struggle.

Patrick Bennett
• Visit Pete’s Radical Poetry Site at http://wwwpetepoetry-bullybuster.blogspot.com

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