RMT ballot: vote Yes!

Submitted by on 9 August, 2002 - 10:13

By a tube worker

The RMT union has declared that it is in dispute with London Underground management over pay. The union is balloting its members for action and the result will be released on 3 September.
During recent pay negotiations management had offered 3.2%, which the union rejected as inadequate. The management's response has been to impose a smaller amount of just 3%. Underground workers are furious at both the meagre amount of extra cash in pay packets, and also the calculated snub the management have made to the workers and the union.

Management have also gone back on a promise to reduce the working week of those underground workers not already on a 35 hour week. The union's request for London underground to shorten working hours has been turned down flat.

The management has also refused to harmonise travel and pensions across the industry. What this means is that workers who live outside London (and many can not afford to live in the capital) will face big bills for travel.

The RMT continues to consult over documents relating to the planned Public Private Partnership (PPP) - or privatisation - of the underground. The consultation period will last for another six to eight weeks, before the union's Executive will decide a plan of action.

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