Setback for Trade Union Bill

Submitted by AWL on 27 January, 2016 - 10:16 Author: Gemma Short

The House of Lords has taken issue with the parts of the Trade Union Bill which relate to party funding and have referred them for closer scrutiny in the committee stages.

However the Lords approved key measures which further restrict the right to strike. Overall, the Bill remains a hugh threat to trade union organising. Labour peers put a motion in the Lords which was passed by 327-234, that the bill was “not being conducted in the spirit of a report by the committee on standards in public life’s report, which urged cross-party talks to get a consensus on reforming party funding.”

The TUC is also claiming victory over the issue of the double threshold for key industries. Previously the government had said that ancillary staff in key industries (as well as the main staff) would be subject to a requirement of 50% minimum turn out and 40% yes vote of all members eligable to vote, in order to organise a strike. Documents presented to the Lords have dropped the reference to ancillary staff in these industries. This is far from winning a right to strike. We must continue urgent campaigning.

• Join Right to Strike activities during the TUC′s Heart Unions week

Unite Scotland votes to back ″illegal″ strikes

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