Spanish dockers win

Submitted by Matthew on 22 March, 2017 - 9:29

Jordi Aragunde, coordinator of the International Dockworkers’Council, has reported a victory, at least a temporary victory, for the Spanish dockworkers. They have been fighting the Spanish government’s plan to abolish the “pools” through which they are employed.

“As of March 17, the Spanish Government was unable to pass the Royal Decree to reform the Spanish port system. The Spanish Parliament has rejected this Decree, therefore acting to protect Spanish dockworkers.

“Action has been cancelled indefinitely. However, IDC will continue to watch over new developments closely.

“IDC would like to express gratitude for the great show of support to Spanish dockworkers these past weeks, which is a point of pride for the international docker community — and one victory among many yet to be achieved.”

International Dockworkers' Council

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