Station closures

Submitted by Anon on 19 April, 2007 - 8:52

by a london underground worker

London Underground have announced the closure of 40 ticket office with the loss of 240 jobs. Although 140 new jobs will be created to form a “special requirements team”, this hardly sweetens the pill of the savage ticket office job cull.

The unions need to gear up for action straight away. Maybe it is too much to hope for that the clerical union TSSA will do anything more than write a stern letter, but perhaps some members will feel angry enough to demand real action: good luck to them.

RMT has the potential to fight and defeat this attack, although it is starting from well behind pole position having let so many positions go under deal relating to the introduction of the 35-hour week. It is essential that it learns the lessons of that dispute and does not repeat the same mistakes.

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