Stop the repression in Argentina!

Submitted by Anon on 9 December, 2003 - 2:27

Argentine police attacked the workers and their supporters on 25 November in scenes reminiscent of the military dictatorship. The assault took place in Neuquén, where members of the Unemployed Workers Movement (MTD) and the local neighbourhood assembly in San Lorenzo barrio were trying to meet.
At least twelve people were injured by live ammunition and dozens of others were wounded by rubber bullets and "task forces" that entered homes and beat their victims. Heriberto Chureo, chair of the Neighbourhood Commission of San Lorenzo and leading MTD activist was shot in the abdomen. Horacio Fernández, secretary of the CTA union federation, and Carlos Acuña from the ceramic workers' union were also wounded.

The assault lasted 12 hours, but was met with resistance from workers organisations. Workers at the Zanón factory - still running under workers' administration - joined the demonstrations, as did teachers who were on strike earlier this year. Neighbourhood assemblies came out in protest at the repression.

A petition is being circulated by the Argentine Solidarity Campaign. Contact the Argentine Solidarity Campaign at for details.

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