Strike Against Bush!

Submitted by Janine on 30 October, 2003 - 9:27

A Texan ape, strategically shaven and placed in a suit is coming to Britain to celebrate his war in of Iraq in partnership with his best chum, Tony 'smash the unions' Blair.
Bush has started a war for the US oil industry (well represented in his government) in Iraq, but in the US itself he has handed out billions in tax cuts to the super-rich which cutting welfare spending for the poor. Tens of millions in the US - the richest place on the planet -have no health insurance. Two million people are in jail, over three thousand on death row. The US continues to be a paradise for the rich and a place of
misery for the urban poor - so it's quite similar to Bush's vision of a post-war Iraq in that respect.

After a mammoth anti-war movement that mobilised millions of people he knows he's not going to be greeted with showers of confetti when he gets here.

Demonstrations have been organised to coincide with his visit not only in London but also by local Stop the War groups up and down the country. His visit takes places across the 19th, 20th and 21st of November slap bang in the middle of a school/college week.

This isn't going to stop us. School students took a big lead in the anti-war movement when we walking out to oppose the war on Iraq. We can take a lead again by striking again in opposition to this murderous right-wing fuckwit's visit to Britain.

Opposition to the continued military occupation of Iraq is growing fast both inside Iraq and out of it. The Iraqi workers' movement despite having to start from scratch after decades of Saddam Hussein's fascism is being rebuilt and coming into political conflict with the Occupation forces and the US-selected governing council more and more often. Only the working class can defeat imperialism - and the Iraqi workers' movement represents a distinct class based alternative to American imperialism and to the so-called 'anti-imperialists' like the religious fundamentalists or ex-Ba'athists who've tried to grab more power for themselves since the war ended.

The anti-war movement now needs to look to such forces to provide an alternative to Bush and Blair's plans for a privatised Iraq ran in the interests of British and American capitalism. We need to build solidarity with those forces fighting against Bush's occupation, and when he turns up in Britain, we need to get out onto the streets to let him know whose side we're on!

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