Taking the initiative

Submitted by Anon on 4 June, 2006 - 10:38

A new AWL branch organiser wrote in this week: “In addition to the ‘Stop the BNP’ meeting on Tuesday we leafleted rush hour bus users with a Workers’ Liberty leaflet on today’s strike, went down to the picket line this morning and did a paper sale in town.

Working the bus queues and dropping leaflets to drivers was very effective (we distributed something like 500 of the leaflets), the T&G steward gave an interview for the paper this morning and we picked up a number of contacts for Iran/Iraq union solidarity on the stall — in addition to selling papers.

We’re planning to call a solidarity meeting through a local trade-union newsletter, have a film showing this week on Iraq, and continue to pick up support for anti-fascist activity.

Just shows what relatively few but active comrades can pull off when they're organised and responsive”.

Not just responsive, but ready to make initiatives — to make things happen which wouldn’t happen at all without us. As with the rest of the revolutionary left, most AWL branches are small. But even a small group which is willing to discuss initiatives, to plan them properly, and to carry them through reliably can make a big difference in a local labour movement.

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