There is no "democratic" way to wipe out Israel

Submitted by AWL on 13 September, 2002 - 10:00

A Palestinian state? Yes. Back Saddam against Israel? No.
Solidarity 3/12, 12 September 2002
War against Iraq, which may be accompanied by renewed Iraqi attacks on Israel, will raise even more sharply the question of how socialists see the terrible conflict between Israel and Palestine and what we propose as a solution to it.
When Saddam Hussein launched rockets against Israel during the Gulf War of 1991, sections of the left - among them the SWP's Socialist Worker - praised his anti-Zionism. Such a response is incompatible with the principles of socialism. It grows out of the refusal of the British pseudo-left to adopt a rational programme for the Israel-Palestine conflict - a Palestinian state, side by side with Israel, as demand by the PLO. It grows out of a commitment not to the reform but to the destruction of Israel. Sean Matgamna discusses this issue with an advocate of the destruction of Israel who thinks that a "secular democratic state" for Jews and Arabs could then be created.
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