Tories relaunch fake union

Submitted by Matthew on 7 October, 2015 - 10:59 Author: Gerry Bates

The Tories have said they will start their own “trade union” — the Conservative Workers and Trade Union Movement.

They say this ″union″ will appeal to workers who feel they are not represented by their ″militant left-wing″ trade union leaders.

This is an attempt to “recreate” (as its appointed leader Robert Halfon puts it) the “Conservative Trade Unionists” movement which made some splash in the 1970s. CTU now named “Conservatives at Work” stresses that it is open to “employers, managers, and company directors”.

The Tories know very well how society works; they are seeking to disguise its workings, and pit workers against each other, while they continue to profit from their exploitation of us.

Unfortunately many of these ″militant left-wing″ trade union leaders the Tories seek to rally workers against have failed to deliver on their promises. Without organising a serious fight back against the Tories some trade union members may question the purpose of their union.

All the more reason for union leaders to start showing some leadership, and to organise a movement of trade unionists to fight to Tories.

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