A Trotskyist in Israel writes

Submitted by Anon on 9 December, 2003 - 2:25

I am a 23 year old Israeli Trotskyist. It is good to read your reports and analyses, including the ones on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I must say it is refreshing to find out that there is a revolutionary left in Britain that does not seek to "destroy" the state of Israel and establish a "secular and democratic state of Palestine". As a revolutionary socialist, this is certainly not my political aim. Thus many socialists in Israel define themselves as "Zionists"; but there is genuine gap between their definition of Zionism and the practice of the Zionist movement headed by its official political parties.
I fully endorse Sean Matgamna's analysis of Zionism and the Israeli state. Unfortunately, most or large parts of the "revolutionary" left today think that the right of the Israeli people for self-determination is opposed to the right of the Palestinians to have their own state. Yet the idea of two socialist states within a socialist federation of the Middle East reflects the recognition of Leon Trotsky of the right of Jews to self-determination. These socialists are tailing the Palestinian bourgeoisie and supporting terror against Israeli innocents, most of them working class Israelis. Two socialist states, Israel and Palestine, are needed.

There are many leftist workers and youth in Israel who are looking for political address. I would like to get your advice and understand the experience you have faced through the years in order to carry forward my political-ideological agenda of building a mass socialist party based on the heritage of Marxism.

David, Tel Aviv

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