The tubeworkers fight

Submitted by Anon on 12 August, 2004 - 2:55

By a tube worker

The strike on London Underground on 29-30 June was supported solidly by members of the RMT and received widespread support from members of other unions too.
That tubeworkers heeded the strike call is not surprising, as they had voted by 80% to take strike action, after years of frustration on key pay and conditions issues. Management's pay offer of 3% plus a further 5% in return for future "flexibility" is a joke, and a long way off what tube workers are demanding.

Meanwhile management continue to hold the threat of 800 job losses amongst station staff over us.

Ken Livingstone's outrageous comment that he would cross a picket line seems to have galvanised tube workers to strike, rather than putting anyone off! We are not going to take that sort of thing from someone on a salary of over £100,000, who has just been re-elected with the support of our unions.

The RMT will call further action unless an improved offer is made before 16 July.

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