The USA is not invincible

Submitted by Anon on 22 April, 2003 - 3:28

Democracy in Iraq! Freedom for the Kurds! No US/UK occupation!

By Colin Foster

The US military rule Iraq. Thousands are dead or maimed. George W Bush won his war easily. The arrogance of US power is redoubled.

But the USA is not invincible. How long can they, dare they, keep a large occupying force in Iraq? Will they plunder the country, or will they be forced to supply aid to make good the damage of war and sanctions? Will they dare attempt another similar war soon?
That depends. It depends on the mobilisation and organisation of the working people in Iraq. They have suffered decades of atomisation and totalitarianism, but they are starting to speak out again. Leftist exiles are returning to the country.

It also depends on the millions across the world who mobilised against the war - whether we continue to be active in solidarity with the peoples of Iraq, and against global exploitation. And most of all it depends on the US working class.

It was workers and students in the USA who organised the first great defining moment of the new worldwide anti-capitalist radicalisation, the Seattle World Trade Organisation protests of November-December 1999. Progress since then has not been easy. But the activists are still there. Despite the backwash from the 11 September 2001 World Trade Centre bombing, there was a large movement against the Iraq war in the USA.

US imperialism is not invincible. The US working class can and will bring it down. And we can speed the day by uniting now with workers and activists across the world in support of freedom for Iraq, freedom for the Kurds, and democratic and trade-union rights for the workers of Iraq.

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