Vote No to Scottish independence!

Submitted by AWL on 3 September, 2014 - 1:48 Author: Editorial

On 18 September the people of Scotland will decide whether or not to become an independent state.

Latest polls show 47.6% against Scottish independence with 41.6% in favour, and 10.8% undecided. Opinion against independence has dropped, numbers undecided have dropped, and support for independence has risen. Discounting the undecided, 53% are against and 47% are for independence.

Much of the British left is disoriented on the issue, making their political compass crass anti-Toryism rather than a reasoned assessment of the issue. Many claim that an independent Scotland would be more left wing, would not pass on Westminster cuts, and would be more responsive to class struggle in Scotland. We should have no illusions that the Scottish bourgeoisie will be kinder to the working class!

This kind of anti-Toryism looks for short-cuts and wants to believe there are ways to circumvent building united class struggle across the border as the way to beat back the attacks we all face.

We favour of the right to self determination of national groups. And if the Scottish people were to vote for independence we would defend that right against “unionist” opposition.

However, generally we are in favour of taking down borders between people, not erecting them. We make the interests of the working class our priority, and a larger political unit of England, Scotland and Wales makes uniting the working class easier. This is the basis for a stronger labour movement and a stronger fight against the bourgeois state. This is the longer route, and in reality the only route to beating the Tories and the system they represent.

Scotland is not an oppressed nation. Independence for Scotland would remove no real oppression. The “rule of Westminster” that many in the Yes campaign (even socialists) claim oppresses Scotland is in reality the oppression of the working class throughout all of England, Scotland and Wales.

We are for a vote against independence. For a united Scottish and English working class to wage class war against their joint oppressor. For a federal republic in Britain and strong local autonomy for the Scottish people and others.

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