What Iraqi socialists say

Submitted by Anon on 22 April, 2003 - 5:22

Some recent comments from the Worker-Communist Party of Iraq:
"The USA seeks to impose a military interim government to rule Iraq and openly denies the people's right of determining their political destiny and political rule. It does not refrain from supporting nationalist, religious, tribal and sectarian militias and groups, ex-hirelings of the fascist Ba'ath regime and its ex-generals such as Al Khazrajy, Al Samerrae and Al Jobory and nominates them for the future government in Iraq, disregarding the people's opinions and against their will. The USA wants to hand over the responsibility of ruling Basra and Amara to sheikhs that society has swept away decades ago. The government the Pentagon is after is not the representative of the people in Iraq just as the Ba'ath regime wasn't. It enjoys no legitimacy and must unconditionally and immediately withdraw.

"The Worker Communist Party of Iraq seeks to build a socialist republic by establishing the authority of people's councils and calls on the people to organise in councils and take the initiative. At the same time, the WCPI demands that USA and British troops withdraw immediately from Iraq and that the UN is held responsible for the security of Iraqi cities, the safety of civilians and ensuring free political circumstances that will give the people in Iraq the opportunity to determine their own political rule. The WCPI calls on all people all over the world, namely the millions that have taken to the streets against the war on Iraq, to defend the banner of the Party, support the people's demands to establish a just, free and equal society. The priority must be the right of the Iraqi people to choose their political alternative freely."


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