'One Hundred Years': Steve Bloom's poem on the centenary of the Russian Revolution

Submitted by AWL on 7 October, 2017 - 7:09 Author: Janine
One Hundred Years

Today, Workers' Liberty joins with websites Steve Bloom Poetry, Old and New Project, Links (Australia), International Viewpoint, Ecosocialist Horizons, Lalit (Mauritius), Radical Socialist (India), Socialist Party (Sweden), Spirit Child, Jozi Book Fair (South Africa), Janine Booth, Marxist Study Group (Namibia) and Solidarity (USA) in simultaneously publishing Steve Bloom's epic poem in celebration of the centenary of the Russian Revolution. 'One Hundred Years'. The poem is attached here as a PDF.
Steve's poem walks us through revolutionary Russia, not with a dull chronology of facts but with the feeling of human interaction, excitement and huge social change.
Steve will read the poem and sign copies of it at a special event in Brooklyn, New York City, on 12 October. Details on his website.

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