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Submitted by SJW on 22 May, 2018 - 8:48 Author: Gemma Short
TGI Friday's

Workers at TGI Fridays restaurants in Covent Garden, London, and Milton Keynes struck on Friday 18 May in the first of a series of Friday strikes over a new tips policy which would see workers losing up to £250 a month.

Workers at TGI Fridays in the Trafford Centre, Manchester and Haymarket Piccadilly, London, have also now voted 100% in favour of strikes and are expected to join the strikes on Friday 25 May. Results of ballots at other restaurants in Enfield, and Gateshead Metro, Newcastle, are expected soon. All six sites may be on strike by Friday 1 June.

Boni, a striker from the Milton Keynes restaurant, said to Solidarity: ″TGI Fridays has decided to take 40% of our credit card tips and give them to the kitchen of back of house team. We feel that this is instead of giving the kitchen an actual pay rise. We work hard for our tips, and we would prefer that the kitchen get a secure and solid pay rise so that they don′t have to rely on us for money.″

Covent Garden worker Beattie explained: ″the chefs were always paid substantially more than us, there was a pay differential. As our minimum wage has gone up, TGI Fridays hasn′t mentioned that difference. They have a retention problem in the kitchen, and they′ve decided to fund a ′pay rise′ for the kitchen by taking card tips away from me.″

Workers will strike every Friday over the summer.

• More information on the Fair Hospitality campaign:
• Follow Unite′s Restaurant and Bar Workers′ workers branch on Twitter at: @RwUnite and using #AllEyesOnTGIs

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