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Submitted by SJW on 19 September, 2018 - 1:51 Author: By Christie Neary, NUS Trans Committee (p.c.)
UCU strike

Over 70 student activists attended the Student Activist Weekender on 7-9 September, coming from campuses across the country to London for a weekend of education, organisation and establishing collaboration.

The event, a Student Feminist Campaign Day (7th) and the Student Activist Weekender (8th-9th),. was co-hosted by a range of student activist groups and campaigns including the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts, People and Planet, Rent Strike, UCU Rank and File, Young Greens, Surrey Labour Students and Bristol Student-Staff Solidarity. 

On the Friday a series of workshops were held around women’s issues, with productive discussions on migrants’ rights, reforms to the Gender Recognition Act, sex workers’ rights and more. All this was in a socialist feminist framework, emphasising the importance of class struggle and collective action from below.

During the rest of the weekender, the level of political discussion remained very high as we discussed topics such as: reforming and fighting within NUS and university Labour Clubs, having our universities divest from fossil fuels and the arms trade, trans liberation, Palestine solidarity, anti-fascism, a discussion on antisemitism on the left and much more.

Attendance from over 20 campuses across the UK showed a broad range of support for this kind of student activism.

Going forwards, it was decided, both by the Student Feminist Campaign day attendees and those at the Student Activist Weekender that two new national student organisations should be launched: a socialist feminist organisation active in NUS Women’s Campaign and a national student left organisation.

The purpose will be to facilitate joint activism across campuses and to participate within broader national structures such as the NUS and Labour Students to transform the student movement into a more political fighting force.

Look out for a bulletin produced by activists from the weekend at your Freshers Fair

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