Debating Ireland

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On 9 and 10 November Workers' Liberty in London hosted two meetings with Rayner Lysaght, who has written a number of books of history and been active on the Irish left for over 50 years.

On 9 November Lysaght argued his case for a strategic scheme of "permanent revolution" in Ireland against Sean Matgamna of Workers' Liberty, who presented our long-held view that Ireland is a fully-developed bourgeois capitalist society - with anomalies, of course.

Interviews in Solidarity to prepare for the debate
Ireland: theory, history, debate. Contents page

For the event we reprinted the text of Workers' Liberty 5 (1986) on Provos, Protestants, and permanent revolution, which includes the record of a unique debate within the left on Ireland, carried on in the columns of Solidarity's forerunner Socialist Organiser with some 14 contributors from a range of views.

Copies of that reprint are still available: ÂŁ5 plus ÂŁ1 postage, order via

On 10 November Lysaght did a meeting and film showing on the Limerick Soviet of April 1919. Also on 10 November, we video-recorded a long discussion between Lysaght and Matgamna on the history of the Trotskyist left in Ireland. After film-editing, that will be available on this website.

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