AWL at Lutte Ouvrière fete

Submitted by martin on 25 May, 2015 - 12:02 Author: Martin Thomas

Almost 20 members and friends of the Alliance for Workers' Liberty went to the festival organised by the French revolutionary socialist group Lutte Ouvrière at Presles, near Paris, on 23-25 May.

The festival, an annual event on Whit weekend since the early 1970s, draws around 20,000 people to its combination of open-air activities, food and drink, children's activities, and political stalls and debates. Lutte Ouvrière offers stalls, and the facility to run "forums", free to other revolutionary socialist groups from across Europe, though in recent years fewer have taken up the offer.

We took the chance to meet and discuss again with comrades from groups we've long been in touch with, like L'Etincelle (France), OKDE and EEK (Greece), and others.

We were able for the first time to meet comrades from the Left Opposition in Ukraine and the Workers' Platform in Russia; we hope this will be the start of continuing discussions.

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