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Submitted by Zac Muddle on 28 May, 2019 - 8:02 Author: Sacha Ismail
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Left2030 is a website and statement set up a few months ago by people on the anti-Brexit left of the Labour Party – generally the soft left, with a scattering of more radical people.

The initial signatories include Paul Mason, Zoe Williams, Paul Hilder, Michael Chessum, Sam Tarry, Mary Kaldor, Manuel Cortes, and Luke Cooper, and Labour MPs Clive Lewis, Alex Sobel, Paul Sweeney, Rachael Maskell, and Preet Gill.

The founding statement has lots of nods towards what sound like good political positions, which is good, but much of it is fairly unclear. Also, strangely given who set it up, it refers to internationalism but doesn’t mention Brexit.

The website has not been updated much but has just now launched a petition, which seems to originate with Paul Mason, calling for a ballot of Labour members about the party’s position on Brexit.

Left 2030 clearly relates to a real need, for a better, more internationalist, more political left than provided by Momentum. However, it needs proper, open debate about its purpose and future or, even if it becomes more active, it will remain as top down and undemocratic as Momentum.

Some of the people involved in setting it up did not play a good role in Momentum during the 2016 battle over whether Momentum would have a democratic structure.

Workers' Liberty and Solidarity are working with Labour for a Socialist Europe, and hope L4SE will be able to work fruitfully with Left 2030.

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