£19,420 raised in 2020 fundraising drive

Submitted by AWL on 12 May, 2020 - 4:44
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£19,420 of our £10,000 target!

We've raised £19,420: beating our £10,000 by 22 November target. Thanks to everyone who's contributed, helping Workers' Liberty argue, organise and fight in this crisis and beyond. Updated Tuesday 24 November. Donate here!



£0 £19,420


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Some of our supporters have fortunate still to be receiving full pay and donating the money they have saved not going out or from cancelled holidays towards our hardship fund (see below) and our other activities, have already contributed.

Other comrades have increased their regular standing orders.

We’d urge everyone reading this to do the same. Covid-19 lays bare the failures of capitalism. A system that is unable to provide the PPE and supplies needed for workers and the most vulnerable.

In Workers’ Liberty we are arguing for and promoting an alternative vision of society, increasing exposure for our ideas and winning new people to our cause. But we can’t indict the Tories without more resources and an increase in our funds.

We have also set up a hardship fund for our comrades who have lost work or large amounts of income.

• See Solidarity for a weekly column with commentary on expenses and fundraising, latest donations, and more.

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