Not just Cummings

Submitted by AWL on 26 May, 2020 - 10:27 Author: Colin Foster
Cummings and Johnson

Not just the unelected Dominic Cummings. Boris Johnson should go.

In fact, the whole Tory cabinet should go. But Johnson going would be a good start.

Cummings’ trip to Durham, and Johnson’s endorsement, have disgusted millions who think: we made sacrifices, followed the rules so we didn’t see loved ones who were ill, lonely, dying — and you people don’t bother.

It shows up the arrogance, bluster, bluff, brazening-out, floundering, and stonewalling of the government throughout the virus emergency. No-one can trust this government to tell even an approximation of the truth.

Three months after (so the figures now show us) the virus began to spread exponentially in Britain in late February, the boss of NHS Providers (an umbrella body for NHS trusts), said on 25 May that “securing sufficient levels of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)” is still “a challenge”.

The NHS still doesn’t have “sustainable supply in place, and really effective testing of NHS staff and patients”.

She explained that boosting test figures by sending out tens of thousands of tests in the post is little help. It is “not just about the numbers”, but about “having targeted testing… [to] have the test and trace in place so that we can contain local outbreaks”, and rapid results from tests.

Following the debacles of outsourcing the NHS stockpile to Movianto, NHS logistics to Unipart, and virus testing to Deloitte and others, the government is now outsourcing tracking-and-tracing to another group of their private contractor mates, Serco, who are advertising for 12-week jobs on minimum wage or little more.

Make Labour indict the Tories now!

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