Spread call for public ownership of care

Submitted by AWL on 3 June, 2020 - 3:54 Author: Ed Whitby
Social care

One hundred and fifty union and Labour activists have signed the statement for public ownership and provision of social care initiated by the Safe and Equal campaign. That includes a wide range of union officers and activists from care, health and local government, and many dozens of Labour Party activists including ten CLP Secretaries.

There is wide and growing support in the labour movement and beyond for public ownership of care, but it will not happen without a serious campaign. We need to think how such a campaign can happen. Getting a lot more support and publicity for this statement is a good start. Please help by signing, sharing and sending on.

• Statement here. For more information and to get involved email edunison@gmail.com


62% of England’s care homes have had no Covid-19 cases yet; Solidarity 549 reported that mistakenly as Britain’s. In Scotland only 38% of care homes have had no cases: see here.

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