Momentum election 16-30 June: who's standing?

Submitted by AWL on 10 June, 2020 - 4:48

On 9 June, 52 candidates had nominated for the 24 elected places on Momentum’s National Coordinating Group (see all candidates on the Momentum site here). The number will rise as both the slate backed by Jon Trickett and Ian Lavery, Momentum Renewal, and the limited-reform slate Forward Momentum, are planning to stand full lists, and not all their candidates have yet appeared on the Momentum website. Voting is 16-30 June,

Three candidates that backed the Momentum Internationalists platform in the Forward Momentum primaries — Abbie Clark, Nadia Whittome and Ana Oppenheim — were elected to the FM slate.

Ruth Cashman, banned by FM from their primaries (see here), is standing independently, on the MI platform, as are Elaine Jones and Kasun Witana.

There are half a dozen candidates that seem to be “independent”, i.e. linked to no kind of slate. Three supporters of the Anticapitalist Platform organised by socialist group Red Flag have nominated.

Both Forward Momentum and Momentum Renewal have had little to say about political issues — whether police violence and racism, the Covid-19 crisis, the climate crisis, taking on the Tories, Starmer’s moves to the right, workers’ struggles, migrants’ rights or anything else.

Much of the little FM and MR have put out has been pretty bland. And sometimes it is hard to take what they say seriously — particularly in the case of MR, but FM too, on their commitment to democracy.

FM has promoted a web link to its “Plan” but not really campaigned around the demands in it. Some FM candidates have been better, clearer and more radical politically.

Momentum Internationalists has put out extensive analysis and demands on a wide range of issues: see its program here and here for its blog. The MI blog has had 19 posts since the campaign began; the FM blog has had four. The Anticapitalist Platform has also put out substantive content, much good, some we’d sharply disagree with.

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