Left pledges in Momentum election

Submitted by AWL on 17 June, 2020 - 2:29
Uyhgur Solidarity pledge

The Uyghur Solidarity Campaign has produced a pledge for those standing for the Momentum and Open Labour national committees (see here), now signed by 14 Momentum and 27 Open Labour candidates.

That’s good, but it’s 14 out of 57 Momentum candidates. Obviously the 24 candidates on the Stalinist-influenced Momentum Renewal slate are unlikely to sign – despite their attempts to smear Workers’ Liberty as Islamophobic. Six Forward Momentum candidates have signed so far. The FM candidates who regard the AWL as Islamophobic have not signed.

The Labour Campaign for Free Movement has got 20 Momentum candidates and 30 Open Labour candidates signing (see here).

The Open Selections campaign has got 47 Momentum candidates to sign its pledge (see here), including a narrow majority of Momentum Renewal candidates.

The Labour Campaign for Trans Rights has got 45 Momentum candidates to sign its pledge (see here).

Labour for a Socialist Europe’s three pledges on free movement, delaying Brexit and fighting nationalism had just been launched as we go to press (see here).

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