Forward Momentum sweeps election

Submitted by AWL on 8 July, 2020 - 7:33 Author: Mohan Sen
Momentum NCG

Reform group Forward Momentum has swept the board in the elections for Momentum’s National Coordinating Group, winning all 20 seats elected by members. Full results here.

Momentum Renewal won the four seats reserved for and chosen by Public Office Holders (councillors and MPs). Since then four people broadly on the Momentum Renewal side have been selected for the seats reserved for non-union “affiliates” — many of them not representing much.

Even with that manoeuvring, Forward Momentum has a clear majority. But that majority is not united by a clear political perspective. Serious debate of the kind that did not really get off the ground during the elections is necessary.

The defeat of the demagogic, lying and witch-hunting campaign run by Momentum Renewal (e.g. see here) is positive. But the politics MR represented are far from defeated. A fight is needed to draw out the political lessons as well as positive ideas and proposals for reorienting Momentum.

• “We need democracy to push the party and the leadership”: an interview with new Momentum National Coordinating Group member Abbie Clark done during the campaign, discussing Momentum, Forward Momentum, what the left should fight for, Labour’s response to Covid-19, Brexit, the left and Starmer, and other issues.

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