Previously untranslated articles by Trotsky on antisemitism

Submitted by martin on 4 August, 2020 - 4:34 Author: Leon Trotsky
Leon Trotsky

Articles by Leon Trotsky on antisemitism and Jewish questions, translated into English by Stan Crooke.

The Decomposition of Zionism – And What Might Succeed It (1904)

The Tsar’s Footsoldiers at Work (1908)

The Tsar's Footsoldiers at Work (1909)

The Jewish Question in Romania (1913)

Under the Sign of the Beylis Affair (1913)

"Stalin never had qualms about using antisemitism" (1936)

The 1909 "Tsar's Footsoldiers" has had a previous English translation, as chapter 12 of Trotsky's book 1905: online here. The 1913 article on Romania has had a previous English translation, appearing in the book The Balkan Wars. The translations here are new. The other articles here have never previously been translated into English.

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