Tabloid 9 September

Submitted by martin on 26 August, 2020 - 11:43
Solidarity 539

From the next-but-one issue, no.562, 9 September, we will return to our usual tabloid format from this reduced format which we've had to use in lockdown because lack of street activity and meetings made it difficult to circulate the paper. We will use the return to run an experiment of producing a couple of regular issues in the "endorse-folded" format (which we've previously used for "specials" on fighting fascism and on automation) and seeing whether that format sells better than the plain-vanilla version of tabloid.

Because of the probability of a second virus surge, we won't run our weekend event Ideas for Freedom (postponed from 20-21 June) on 21-22 November as tentatively scheduled. The next Ideas for Freedom will be 10-11 July 2021. The next Workers' Liberty conference will be 17-18 April 2021.

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