Social care needs changes now

Submitted by AWL on 21 October, 2020 - 12:19
Social care

The public body which inspects and regulates care services in England has warned the social care sector is “fragile” in this new wave of Covid infections and called for the government to make changes “now – not at some point in the future”.

As the Care Quality Commission published its annual State of Care report, its chief executive Ian Trenholm challenged the government by declaring that the coming months may turn “faultlines into chasms”. Strong words from someone in Trenholm’s position.

The CQC report suggests or nods towards higher pay, better training and more funding. What is striking is not that this official body fails to go further than that, but that Labour and trade union leaders fail to.

The labour movement should fight for the policy demanded by last year’s Labour conference, for social care to become a free and fully public service, with decent public funding and workers on public-sector terms and conditions. In the context of the second wave, that is indeed needed now.

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