Democracy in the labour movement: CLP AGMs

Submitted by AWL on 27 October, 2020 - 3:07
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Local Labour Party ward and constituency Annual General Meetings are being held (via Zoom) in many areas in November.

Constituency Labour Parties mostly have a choice between doing those meetings in November, or doing them before end-July 2020 but after the May 2021 local elections (which in fact will be a combination of those polls due in May 2020 but postponed, and those due in May 2021 anyway). It may also be possible to fit in AGMs in February or March.

Many CLPs have been slow restarting since Labour’s National Executive licensed local decision-making meetings again, post-lockdown, on 15 July. In some, local officer teams have lost people through the pressures of lockdown and demoralisation after the December 2019 general election.

To get Labour Parties operating again, and to start again calling the Labour leadership to account and putting pressure on the Tories, is a priority.

Restarting Labour

Solidarity calls on socialists to attend their AGMs and stand for election for posts such as Youth Officer, Political Education Officer, Trade Union Liaison officer, and GC delegate. We also recommend wording you can draw on to propose motion on the pandemic, job cuts, and many other issues.

Some CLPs have a custom of electing conference delegates at their AGM. It seems unlikely that many CLPs will elect conference delegates for September 2021 as early as November 2020, but watch out to see whether yours does.

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