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Submitted by AWL on 19 January, 2021 - 6:46
Safe and Equal

Safe and Equal is campaigning for full isolation pay for all, and particularly for careworkers. It calls on supporters to lobby councils about careworkers. The first stage is to email councillors with a model letter.

Second stage: put a question to the health and social care scrutiny committee. Inform Safe and Equal about the reply you get.

A new leaflet is coming out soon: consider door-todoor leafleting. Email Safe and Equal if you want to join its next open organising meeting 6pm, Wednesday 27 January.

Free Our Unions is agitating for the Labour left, in its emerging criticism of Keir Starmer, to stick to Labour Party conference policy of a positive right to strike and the repeal of the Thatcher-era anti-union laws as well as of new Tory restrictions. Labour’s 2019 manifesto was vague on that, and Laura Pidcock, former shadow Secretary of State for Employment Rights and now secretary of the People’s Assembly, is still being vague.

The Uyghur Solidarity Campaign is supporting an amendment in Parliament that would stop the UK making or maintaining trade deals with states that the High Court determines has committed genocide. There is evidence that Chinese policy against the Uyghurs amounts to genocide. USC also warns: “we cannot place trust or reliance in the British courts... to defend human rights”.

Neurodivergent Labour has submitted evidence to the Ministry of Justice, and is publicising the key demands contained in the submission.

• All campaign info plus more here.

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