Stop school victimisations!

Submitted by AWL on 23 February, 2021 - 8:43 Author: Pat Markey
Kirstie Paton

Kirstie Paton, victimised NEU rep at The John Roan School in Greenwich

Members of Shrewsbury Colleges Group NEU members are set to strike against the victimisation of John Boken, one of the union reps at the college. John is a NEU safety rep and it is clear that the disciplinary action faced by John is a result of his trade union activity before and during the pandemic.

NEU members are due to strike on Wednesday 24 February, and have just announced an escalation to nine strike days in March: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for three weeks. John deserves our support, as do other NEU reps such as Louise Lewis of Kirklees NEU, Tracy McGuire of Darlington NEU, and Kirstie Paton of Greenwich NEU, who are also currently facing victimisation for supporting staff and for raising safety issues during the pandemic. The NEU nationally needs to step up and make defence of workplace reps a priority. Messages of support for John Boken to

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