Reading and resources on taking the banks and finance into public ownership

Submitted by AWL on 26 August, 2021 - 10:45
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• To download / print our petition calling on the trade unions, Labour Party and Green Party to campaign for public ownership and democratic control of the big banks and financial institutions, so their resources can be used to tackle climate change, boost living standards and reduce inequality, instead of funding fossil fuels and increasing the wealth of the rich at our expense - click here. Online version can be signed here.

• For a model motion for CLPs, union branches, etc, from Momentum Internationalists, see here.

• Buy the Momentum Internationalists pamphlet Build Back Socialist, which contains a section explaining public ownership of the banks, here.

• Read the policy agreed by Momentum members for promotion to Labour Party conference 2021 here (and put to your CLP).

• For all our coverage and analysis on banking and finance, back to 2008, see here.

• Selected reading:

Natwest privatisation: why is the labour movement silent? (August 2021)

Interview: Bank workers and transforming finance (August 2021)

Interview: "Public ownership is just as necessary for banking as for health and education" (April 2021)

Labour movement activists and organisations on why we must take over the banks (May 2020)

Nationalising money? (July 2018)

The banks' crisis and the left's crisis (November 2010)

Sack the bank bosses! Bring finance under democratic social control (December 2008)

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